Brewing up a Storm

May and June has witnessed a flurry of brewing activities here at The Secret Acre.

While last autumn’s cider has been maturing in the barrel, we have also been pushing our apple aspirations to two extremes. As well as trying our hand at Apple Brandy, we had a second successful go at producing Cider Vinegar.

On the beer front, we have had a second go at an IPA, attempting an even more dry-hopped finish this time round. Plus we’ve tried our hand at a proper brew day, mashing a wort from scratch for a small one gallon test batch of larger, as the next step on our journey to see if we can do it all properly.

Plus June of course is elderflower month, so once again we have been busy making both cordial and fizz this time, although this year I have wisely left Emma to do all the flower picking after it annoyingly set off my worst ever bout of uncontrollable hayfever last year!


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