Tweeter of the Week!

main-farm-2We’re guest tweeters of the week all this week on Twitter @SmallholdersUK

Followers of this Blog get their updates in one of three ways. Either you’ve signed up on the website for direct email alerts, or you see posting on Facebook or Twitter.

Equally each of these channel has its own community of fellow Good Lifers who we follow back for ideas and inspiration.

Over on Twitter, the @SmallholdersUK account features a guest tweeter each week talking about their smallholding adventure. So there is always something new and interesting.

Until now! This week it’s the turn of The Secret Acre to be guest tweeter of the week. As well as talking about our own efforts, Paul will be also be talking about his day job helping out at St Werburghs City Farm in Bristol.

So if you are on Twitter, please feel free to join in and follow our story @SmallholdersUK all this week!


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