Winter Clearance

Definitely feels like we’ve achieved more winter clearance this year. The weather’s been less wet for a start. Even if the ‘to do’ list still seems as long as ever.

Top of the list for this winter was tackling the five foot high impenetrable thicket of nettles and brambles behind the pigsties.

What’s in there then?

Once again, like an episode of Time Team, we uncovered bits of old cars, loads of dumped hardcore, and who knew it, 30sqm of old concrete base animal pens!

In every war, there are casualties!

The clearance battle wasn’t without casualties, but we got there in the end.

Eagle eyed readers will notice we’ve left the ivy on the roof for now.

It is probably the only thing still holding it down!

But now our concrete yard is unexpectedly bigger, we’ve got somewhere to move the remaining woodpile, which in turn will clear the space where we want to build some new compost bins.

Like I said, the ‘to do’ list still seems as long as ever.

Going, Going, Gone!


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