Working with the Water

Last Spring we wrote about the popularity of swales in our local farmer’s fields. These temporary winter ponds help work with the water to provide natural flood regulation as well as important wildlife habitats.

Naturally they are more than full right now, given that it’s still not stopped raining, and indeed has got considerably worse.

From the dryness of summer through to the fullness of winter, providing flood relief and an important wildlife habitat.

Since last year, on our regular dog walk past the nearest example, we’ve stopped each month to capture a year in the life of a swale as it changes from winter pond to dry summer hole and back again.

So now seemed a good time to share these images, given the current national need to be much more imaginative in how we think about flooding in a climate changed world.

The Swale Year, from January (top left) going across to December (bottom right).


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