New Zealand Corners

Pretty much all the stock fencing since we moved to The Secret Acre is in need of repair. We just about got away with putting off replacing the worst section in the paddock last winter.

This March we could put off taking action no longer.

Fencing is a new skill we needed learn. We read up on it in Tim & Dot Tyne’s excellent ‘Viable Self-Sufficiency’ book, then called in help from our nearby friends at Copsegrove Farm, who generously offered to complete our up-skilling with some practical on-the-job training support.

Which turned our very satisfying first section of new fencing into a doddle, since Farmer Martin is an expert, having replaced a mere 17km of fencing himself at Copsegrove.

Martin taught us the secret of ‘New Zealand Corners’ for a solid well tensioned fence, and now we are looking forward confidentially to eventually having lovely new fencing throughout The Secret Acre, complete with New Zealand Corners of course!




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