The Animals (might) go in Two by Two

PaddockSince finding The Secret Acre, what to do with the paddock field has been, and remains, a matter of hot debate.

Donkey cheese was an early favourite with Emma, but it appears to only have a market of one, a Wimbledon tennis player, and the Alpaca and Llama market now seems saturated. Friends even suggested planting woodland or vines. But sheep and/or goats seem the most likely eventual choice.

What is clear is that we are not going to rush into it, chickens (and maybe bees) are going to come first. In the meantime we have resolved to get as much practical experience with livestock as we can to prepare.

So earlier this year we headed down to Windmill Hill City Farm for an animal handling day with Farmer Tim. We mucked out the pigs, captured chickens, wrangled sheep, and terrorised goats. Good experience, but it might be a while yet before we are handling our own animals.

Animal Handling at WHCF 2015


2 thoughts on “The Animals (might) go in Two by Two

  1. Go goats, such wonderful animals – my mom and dad had two goats who showed nothing but love to them as owners. They keep the grass down, are low management and have such great characters. That would be my vote.


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