May your Veg Beds Flourish

We made the rookie mistake of going on holiday in May.

So after congratulating ourselves for getting off to a good start in April, we came back to a mad frenzy of overdue planting jobs at the end of the month to try and catch up all over again.

However, our newly expanded veg beds don’t seem too different now than this time last year, even if our annual wish to be ahead of ourselves has been foiled again!

So hopefully no harm done. And next year May is definitely off the holiday agenda.


4 thoughts on “May your Veg Beds Flourish

  1. Hi, I tried to start seeds in toilet paper rolls as you show above but they were quickly covered in white fuzzy mold. Did you not have this problem? Otherwise, it would have been a wonderful way to transplant seedlings. Thanks


    • We haven’t had that problem yet, or indeed previously. Could be over watering? Or perhaps the specific brand uses some unhelpful chemical? Our issue this year is that the squashes seem to be struggling to germinate. Could be second year seeds, or we thought perhaps not enough moisture retention in the rolls. Either way, if you can get rolls to work, they seem a good system, allowing direct planting out in the roll leaving the roots to break through as it quickly rots.


  2. Very nice blog, by the way. I have just discovered it. I’ve been loyal to Jonathan Wallace’s “self-sufficient in suburbia” for years. Nice to see another good one to follow. I’m in my fourth year now on my self-sufficiency quest. The learning curve is exponential.


    • Thanks. I used to work with Jonathon in London, but he escaped long before me, and his blog is a great source of help and advice to those like us trying to be more self-sufficient. Hope yours is going well.


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