The Recycled Kitchen

Kitchen going in 1One of the great joys and surprises of The Secret Acre’s eco-makeover has been our bespoke recycled kitchen.

From the outset, Emma has been dead set against buying commercial kitchen units. You regularly hear of people spending tens of thousands of pounds on commercial kitchens which all tend to look frankly so cheap and nasty you wonder why they bother. The answer is of course because we are told having a bespoke kitchen made for you is astronomical.

Certainly a few firms we approached confirmed that stereotype, but with a bit of research we were delighted to find a number of local craft carpenters who would in fact make us a bespoke kitchen at a fraction of the cost we could have spent on poor quality commercial units from well-known High Street stores.

Added to the feel good factor of supporting local makers, not to mention the financial benefit, these local craftsmen where more than happy to take wood from our woodpile of old planks and beams that had come out of the house during the eco-makeover and recycle them back into our kitchen units. A joyous win/win situation as far as we are concerned, and the end product looks fantastic too!

From woodpile to amazing recycled kitchen!

From woodpile to amazing recycled kitchen!


2 thoughts on “The Recycled Kitchen

  1. It’s a guy down near Slimbridge who doesn’t advertise but is fully booked via word of mouth / recommendations. I can get the name/number for you from Emma if you are interested? But you need to book in any work a good few months ahead.


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