Follow our Good Life adventure in 2015

Paul and Emma in Garden - 30 July 2014In 2014 we finally took the plunge and decided to put life before work.

The result was to take on a one acre smallholding near Stroud. Both the land and the bricks and mortar are in need of renovation as Estate Agents say!

So, our first tasks in 2015 are an eco-makeover of the house, prepare the veg beds, and repair the greenhouse and orchard for a productive 2016.

Armed only with a DVD box set of ‘The Good Life’ and a 1976 edition of ‘The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency’ what could possible go wrong?

Find out here, as we blog our way through 2015.

Strip of 2014 Pics



6 thoughts on “Follow our Good Life adventure in 2015

  1. well done to you all, as presume Ruby was consulted!
    Apologies to Paul in my card as I know you as Richard!
    Good luck with your adventure


    • Thanks Margot, no problem. Yes, we started all this off by looking for a bigger back garden for Ruby and end up getting this! But Ruby loves it as you can imagine, and we’ve just got to fix a few holes in the fencing so we can relax.


  2. Delighted to meet you both on Saturday and we look forward to keeping up-to-date with your progress. You will be our inspiration!
    All the best
    Gail and Paul


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