It’s the Final Download

Sang no European rock band ever. But if they had, it would have made a fitting title for this, our final word on rural broadband, you’ll no doubt be relieved to hear.

And that’s because we have, to give credit where credit is due, actually reached a satisfactory conclusion.

Regular followers of this blog will know the story basically went like this. 1) Plan move from fast cable internet city to slow phone line countryside and worry we won’t be able to get internet services anymore. 2) Relax because the Openreach website says our new address is already “enabled” for fast internet. 3) Move in to discover Openreach use the word “enabled” to mean very much “un-enabled” and endure 1.8Mb/s Download and 0.4 Mb/s Upload speeds. 4) Openreach stop using the term “enabled” but offer new hope by announcing that the work need to er… enable the area will definitely now happen “within the next four months”. 5) Seven months later the postcard drops through the ‘Welcome to Fastershire’.

So how much faster is Fastershire? Well I have to admit I am actually quite impressed. Despite still receiving our internet through several miles of phone line, obviously the technology has improved significantly, and we are getting a heady 52Mb/s Download and 8Mb/s Upload. Pretty much what we were getting in the city. Job well done, eventually!


2 thoughts on “It’s the Final Download

  1. Lucky you. I am one hour outside of a major Canadian city and I have to get internet through a crappy satellite connection. My cell phone often has bad reception, dropped calls midway through conversation AND I pay a fortune…$100/month for internet alone.


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