Show me the (renewable heat) money!

MCS CertIt seemed wrong, in the season of goodwill, to title this post ‘Fuck Off George Osbourne’. Although perhaps it would have been understandable given you can argue this is currently the worst period for UK environmental policy in 30 years. Certainly the Tories, unshackled from partnership coalition and driven by the Treasury, are not a pretty sight.

Their well documented proposal for an 89% reduction in the Solar PV ‘Feed In Tariff’ may well effect our own plans for a PV array next year. And today’s ‘climbdown’ in the face of a storm of criticism, to just a 64% cut, will do little to reduce the damage. Boris Johnson is right to be “very concerned” that up to 20,000 jobs could go in the next few months. But ultimately the economics of solar will defeat oil whatever the Tories do now. Just a shame those jobs will have gone to other countries by then, sacrificed on the alter of political ideology.

In the meantime, back at The Secret Acre we were obviously keen to get our new Solar Thermal system registered this year, before the green ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ payments came in for the Osborne treatment too.

Armed with our freshly minted Microgeneration Certification Scheme certificate (pictured), Ofgem’s online application portal proved surprising easy to use, and came back with an immediate registration. Bang! That’s £60 in our bank account every quarter for the next seven years. And you know what, every time it comes in, we’ll do a little dance and sing a little song. Now, I wonder what rhymes with ‘Fuck Off George Osbourne’….?


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